Swollen Gums

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums, as the name indicates is the disease condition where the gums in the mouth are swollen. The fact is that the gums are an important part of the mouth. Many people take a lot of care as far as the teeth are concerned, but take little or no care of the gums. The gums are the supporting structures that hold the teeth in place.
The best thing about the swollen gums is that it is very easy to identify and can be completely cured if you take appropriate remedial action as soon as possible. If the treatment is delayed, then the disease may progress and you may lose the teeth in your mouth!

Causes of swollen gums

There are various causes of swollen gums. Any infection in the mouth is the first and most common cause of the condition. The next cause of swollen gums could be gingivitis, any increased sensitivity to the toothpaste that is being used can also cause the gums to swell. Vitamin D deficiency and Malnutrition are also other causes of swollen gums. On top of all these, many people have bacterial infection in the gums. The bacteria that start accumulating on the gums slowly start infecting the gums and cause them to become swollen up.

Prevention of swollen gums

There are some simple methods that can be used to prevent the gums from swelling. Oral hygiene is the single most important method of improving the health of the gums. Regular crushing of the teeth is a primary factor that needs to be done. Brushing the teeth at least two times a day will help to prevent the gums from swelling. Flossing is another important method of preventing infection in the gums. You can also rinse your mouth regularly to prevent the condition

Treating swollen gums

The early identification and treatment of swollen gums is very important. If you would like to treat swollen gums, you should start increasing the dental and oral hygiene more than what is being practiced at present. There are some medicated toothpastes and mouth washes that have anti bacterial properties. The dentist will be able to prescribe the right one for you. This will help to treat the condition. Medications to curb the bacterial infection are another method of treating swollen gums.

It should be remembered that if the swollen gums are not treated early, it could lead to severe health complications.

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