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There are many treatments, such as drinking hot tea, eating chicken noodle soup, and taking long, steamy baths or showers, that thousands of Americans swear by every time they get sick. Although none of these have the sanction of any official medical body, they are nonetheless known to help people feel better. And feeling better, after all, is what it is all about.There are times, however, when you need something more serious from your medical advice. For example, sore throats are often a cause for concern. Although the advice doctors will usually give is to come in and let a professional check it out, in reality your average sore throat is nothing to worry about. Going to a medical advice website and listing your symptoms is usually enough to be able to tell what kind of infection you have. If your throat only hurts when you swallow and doesnt look raw or have pus spots, you probably have a minor viral infection or simple throat irritation from excessive drainage. If it feels constricted, hurts all the time, looks white and splotchy, you may have strep throat and should come in to the doctor immediately.

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