Serenitee™ The Herbal PMS Cure - FAQ

Serenitee™ The Herbal PMS Cure - FAQ

Serenitee™ The Herbal PMS Cure - FAQ

How has Serenitee™ helped people?
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Is Serenitee™ Safe?
Serenitee™ will help you be more like the woman you are on every day of the month, even during your most difficult times. Prepared using the finest quality herbal ingredients, Serenitee™ is 100% natural, safe and proven effective in helping to relieve PMS symptoms.

How does Serenitee™ Work?
Serenitee™ works by helping to correct the hormonal imbalances causing PMS through the natural power of herbalism. Treating the problem from the inside out means PMS occurrences are likely to lessen in both degree and frequency.

How do I use Serenitee™?
Serenitee™ helps to reduce the symptoms experienced by women suffering from PMS. Simply taking 1 capsule 3 times a day (if you find yourself with too much energy knock the dosage down to 2 capsules daily, missing the ''suppertime'' capsule) will show outstanding results in the maintenance of PMS symptoms.

How long does Serenitee™ take to work?
Feel the release of stress and tension with Serenitee™!
The effects of Serenitee™ are noticeable often within the first couple of days of use. Serenitee™ is intended to be taken daily; each bottle contains 90 capsules, enough for a one-month supply.

What''s Serenitee™ made off?
Angelica Root, Ginseng Root, White Dahlia Root

What can I do to help Serenitee™ work better?
Changing your diet and including plenty of water are excellent routes to controlling your PMS. Drink 8 glasses of water daily for cleaning the system of impurities and to better absorb the herbs contained in Serenitee™.

You should limit the use of salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products and red meat during PMS. Avoid processed foods, fast food and convenience foods.

What is PMS?
The 28 day cycle
The female cycle is an average 28 days in length. After menstruation the female hormone estrogen begins to rise and peaks around mid-cycle. This is the time of ovulation. After ovulation estrogen levels rapidly drop only to slowly rise and fall again in the time before menstruation.

Estrogen holds fluid. Therefore with increased estrogen comes fluid retention. Many women report weight gains of 3-5 pounds right before their period. Estrogen contributes to increased brain activity and can even cause seizures. Estrogen can also cause retention of salt and a drop in blood sugar. PMS patients often benefit from both salt and sugar restriction.

One in 20 women suffer so severely from PMS that their lives are badly affected.

Prior to the worse symptoms of PMS there is often a noticeable increase in activity. House cleaning, getting little sleep and feeling euphoric are common. Generally these behaviors are followed by the PMS symptoms themselves: headache, fatigue, exhaustion and the inability to function. Women tend to feel ''out of control'' during this phase and this can cause an onset of depression.

Because PMS is cyclical, the symptoms disappear or significantly improve either on the first day of your period or after your heaviest flow day. If you experience the symptoms of PMS constantly (if there is no relief during your period or for a few days after) then it''s unlikely you''re suffering from PMS and you should visit your doctor so that the cause can be found and appropriate treatment given.